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Monadnock Dining is here for you. We want to help you enjoy the very best dining experience in the Monadnock Region. And, we will do it by giving you reliable, thorough information on the many, many choices you have for your dining dollar. Because we list virtually every place to eat within the Region, you'll probably find new restaurants to try.

-Bon appétit

 What’s inside Monadnock Dining?

Click on the links above to search for the perfect restaurant, save money with special offers, learn about upcoming events at local restaurants, and give us feedback on what you enjoyed (and even what you didn't enjoy) while you were dining.

Monadnock Dining lists every restaurant within the Region, and our featured restaurants are all independently owned and operated. Independent restaurants offer a unique ambiance, unusual recipes and unparalleled service. They feature meals prepared especially for you in their own kitchens, with food that often comes direct from local farmers and markets. They provide a dining experience that doesn't feel like a "fast food" emporium.

 Supporting your local restaurant makes sense.

If you're looking for a quiet romantic dinner, you won't need to look further than your local, independently owned restaurant. You'll enjoy a memorable meal and will be helping the local economy at the same time!

Money spent at local restaurants stays in the community. It goes to support local farms and promotes the region's culinary taste. Local restaurateurs devote their time and energy to providing you with the very best dining experience you can possibly enjoy anywhere. They are your friends, your neighbors and a vibrant part of this community. They truly appreciate your patronage.

This web site is devoted to these local restaurateurs.


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